Summer Fishing in Key West

We have been doing a mix of trips the last couple of months. Getting chartered a bunch for sandbar trips seems to be the new thing to do in Key West. Our clients have leaving with smiles and a new sense of relaxation on their faces.

The turtles have been everywhere and as a bonus on of the trips we followed a very large Great Hammerhead Shark for a bit. It paid no mind to the boat as it swam with its dorsal high above the water. Very cool to see even for a guide! Now on to the fishing part…

The tarpon migration has started coming to an end. Remember, mid-February to end of June! With most of the migratory fish having left, we are still getting some nice shots at the residential fish. Once the bite starts to slow, we have been making our way to shark fishing and or meat fishing.

Again it has been a mix as we do our best to customize the trips to what our anglers want to do. For the people who wanted big we went shark fishing and had great success. We found many lemon sharks, bull sharks, and blacktips. One day we had a school of spinners behind the boat and it became a crazy “sharknado”. I think we had at least 4 or 5 of them hooked and sky rocketing out of the water spinning and tearing up our steel leaders. Never landed one!

On the meat side of things, we have been catching some very nice Yellow Jacks and snappers. Getting plenty for lunch or dinner for everyone. Most people have been going to get it cooked up with the Hook and Cook specials at Dante’s Key West pool Bar or The Boat House located in the historic bight. All in all, it has been a great year so far. Looking forward to fishing with you!

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