The Fish

The Fish

Tarpon- There are two species of Tarpons. Which is Indo-Pacific and Atlantic. Our Atlantic tarpon can grow 45-280 lbs. or about 4-8 feet in length. They reach sexual maturity at about 35 inches in length. These fish are migratory fish, so the big push usually starts Mid February to Mid June. This is the best time to target Tarpon. In the Florida Keys we also have “local” tarpon meaning the ones that stick around all year. So, we do fish for the Silver King all year. Some of the best baits for down In Key West are Live Pinfish and Crabs.

Jacks- With over 25 species of Jack fish in the Florida Keys we have a lot to target. On Charters most anglers like the following 4.
Yellow Jacks- with their yellow tint and larger size make it a great fight. Like most Jacks they mostly run-in schools. They Average 2-14 lbs but can get up to 30.

Pompano- are very similar to adolescent permit. These fish make great table fare and again run in schools. Found in channels, wrecks, and grass beds they eat crabs, shrimp, and lures.

Permit- is the King of the Flats here in Key West. Actually, all the Florida Keys. It is a bucket list fish for many anglers and are known to be stubborn. Averaging 8-20 lbs and exceeding 3 feet in length to call them a rod bender fish is not uncommon. They Spawn from April to October and have a life span of more than 20 years. Fishing Boats and Charters are often seen on the flats and in the channels targeting these trophy fish.


Jack Crevalle– is probably the most common of all. They average 3-5 lbs and swim in large schools. Many times we will see the popping the surface eating small bait fish. These are a lot of fun for the anglers that like to do a lot of casting and popping. The Florida State record is 57 lbs so they can get massively large!

Bonefish- These shallow water fish live along the coast and are a favorite amongst seasoned and pro anglers. Their speed can reach up to 40 mph and weigh up to 14 lbs. We like to call them the grey ghost as they are hard to spot on the flats and will appear and disappear out of nowhere. Again, the speed and strength of these fish are amongst the finest.

Barracuda- The great barracuda known for their great smile! These fish are fast, aggressive, aerobiotic, and take a great picture. The mouth full of teeth always get a second snap of the camera. These fish can grow upwards of 5 feet and have burst of 36 mph speeds. We often like to catch these fish with either big live bait or casting lures and spoons. Watching the hook up on these great predatory is always a joy! Besides close to Key West they swim amongst the wrecks, reefs, and the Marquesas keys.

Snappers- Always a go to when people would like to have some mild slightly sweet taste. Key West Florida hosts some amazing fighting and eating fish. Some of our favorites include grey snapper, mutton snapper, yellowtail snapper, and lane snapper. With over 30 different snappers just in the Florida Keys you can bet that you can catch a variety of fish.

Groupers- Down and hard bites that force the rod tip towards the bottom we know what you have. Grouper fishing is big hits, hard fights, and depending on the season good eats. We see mostly red and black groupers in the backcountry. Goliath Groupers which can weight upwards of 400 lbs are also hanging around channels and wrecks in Key West Harbor. Although they have been protected since 1990 to harvest many anglers love the fight!

Sharks- Apex predator that pulls like a bus and brings smiles to every charter guests. From Key West to the Dry Tortugas we see many sharks. Blacktip, Bonnethead, Bull, Lemon, Nurse, Spinner, Tiger, and the Great Hammerhead sharks. Most of the times light tackle fishing we see bull sharks, lemon sharks, and blacktips. All of these have a unique fighting ability and some jump and twist out of the water. If you want BIG fish this is what you want to go after.

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