Marquesas Keys

The Marquesas is a group of islands about 25 miles west of Key West. These islands are most famous for sport fishing and the discovery of the shipwreck “The Atocha” which held millions of dollars of treasure. Other treasures found there is the mass species of fish that are held in Mooney harbor and surrounding shallows. Some of my personal best days with tarpon and barracuda have come from that area. The fishing is top notch, birdwatching, scenery cannot be beat.

East Basins

From Key West we can venture northeast between the lower keys and the gulf of Mexico. Running through bays and channels sprinkled with islands throughout. Much of these areas have great sea grass that host jacks, sea trout, tarpon, sharks and snappers. More popular areas are called jewfish basin, waltz key basin, and snipes key.

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